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Sierra Espuna

Sierra Espuna

Pozos de Nieve

The Sierra Espuña is Murcia’s largest forest and offers great views The highest peaks of the mountain range are: the Espuña Morrone (1583m), Pedro Lopez (1569m) and Morrone Chico (1440m). High in the Sierra, the “pozos the Nieve”, these are snow pits in the 16 century were used to store snow during the winter. In the spring, and by the pressure of its own weight as the snow had turned into ice, the ice was packed in straw, brought with donkeys to the surrounding towns and cities. Recently some of the ”pozos the Nieve” are restored.

Walking and cycling routes

There are 30 various walking and cycling routes in Sierra Espuna plotted and supervised by the Spanish mountain sports. There are several levels of difficulty, length, and elevation. The Sierra Espuña has an abundant wildlife and is famous for its wild boar, moufflons’s special butterflies, eagles and other raptors. There are also special plants to be found as the wild orchid. At the foot of the hill lies the nature park Sierra Espuna is the hilly village Gebas. On the one hand, the Sierra with its magnificent characteristic pinos, fancy pine trees, behind many almond and olive groves and the “Barrancos de Gebas” or lunar landscape, a landscape that by erosion the most capricious forms has adopted that consists of gullies, canyons, with a spectacular view. This part of protected areas in the region of Murcia, is declared a protected landscape in 1995.

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